Senate not compelled to advise, consent

To the Editor:

Regarding Mr. Scanlon’s April 15th letter to the editor on the U.S. Constitution – Article 2, Section 2 – the president "shall have the power to" nominate judges of the supreme court but the Constitution is silent with regard to when the Senate needs to advise and consent to the nomination. The president has met his responsibility. It ends there because the Senate has chosen to wait for the next president to nominate, and the Senate to consent, for this lifetime appointment. Why waste the Senate and nominee’s time when the country has so many pressing issues like national security and our mind boggling debt?

And, before closing, Mr. Scanlon says he thinks he speaks for many New Hampshire Republicans, I don’t think he does. I know he does not speak for this Republican. While I am here, vote for Sen. Cruz for president. Cruz will nominate a real conservative to represent the citizens as did Justice Antonin Scalia.

Linda Rea Camarota