Hassan provides results, not double talk

To the Editor:

Granite Staters will be engaged in one of the most important Senate races of the up-coming 2016 elections. Governor Maggie Hassan challenges incumbent Senator Kelly Ayotte for the seat now held by Ayotte. The most recent poll results show Hassan trailing by one percent, (within the margin of error).

Results suggest that Ayotte’s poll numbers could be pulled down further by her stand on the issue of Justice Scalia’s replacement. Sixty percent of those polled in a statewide poll, said the Senate should act this year on the president’s nomination. Only 34 percent said the Senate should delay the appointment until after the presidential election. Ayotte follows the Republican leadership in refusing to consider or vote on a replacement for Scalia until after the presidential election. Many see this refusal as putting party politics ahead of the interest of New Hampshire and the nation.

Ayotte met with the Supreme Court nominee, but doesn’t support voting for him. She also supports Trump but doesn’t endorse him.

The choice before us is clear and very important. Vote for Maggie Hassan for U.S. Senator from New Hampshire. Hassan has a strong record of results for New Hampshire. She makes clear where she stands on the issues with no double talk.

Floyd Inman