Thank you for helping veterans

To the Editor:

I am writing this letter to extend a big thanks to people of the town of Bedford for their generous contributions to help hungry veterans, my senior project at Bedford High School. I wanted to provide a summary of what I think was a great success. I conducted multiple bake sales at Harvest Market to collect food donations and raise money in order to purchase food items to help hungry or homeless veterans, which is done through a program at the VA in Manchester. The Manchester VA works with a number of charities and shelters and also provides their own subsidies to help veterans get housing and some basic food. The citizens of Bedford donated over $600 in contributions for this cause. After going to the supermarket with the proceeds, this converted to about 500 pounds of food, which will provide many meals for quite a while. We were able to really stock the shelves at the VA. It was an honor to help with such a good cause. I also wanted to thank my high school project advisor, Ms. Phillips, and the coordinator at the VA, Mrs. Krinsky, but especially the generosity of the people of Bedford.

James McGuire

Bedford High School