Rights are not the same thing as power

To the Editor:

Does Hassan support women’s rights or just women’s power?

As he did nine months ago, Doctor Goldner’s recent letter misconceives the difference between rights and power. Rights are given equally to every individual by their Creator, regardless of gender, class, race, etc. Thus, there is no such thing as women’s rights. As stated in the Declaration of Independence, government’s purpose is securing every individual’s rights of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness (including property) from those who would aggress on those rights.

Thus, to take someone else’s property to pay for one’s own desires or consequences is an act of power against another’s rights to the fruit of their own labor. Though some may gain the power to take other’s resources for their own benefit, they can never have the right to do so. Women have no more of a right to have someone else pay for contraception than men have for others to pay for their vasectomies. Each only has a right to secure products and services as they earn them from their labor or that may be given to them voluntarily.

Although people should be willing to help the unfortunate, each has the right and responsibility to determine how to best expend their resources to help those in need. For one to force another to support his or her cause is to aggress on the other’s rights. Altruism occurs only when one sacrifices their own labor (money), not labor (money) they take from someone else. If doctors, Planned Parenthood and others so inclined truly had compassion, they would eagerly voluntarily donate to the cause and allow the disinclined to display their compassion in ways they feel more appropriate. Those directly or indirectly financially benefiting from the abortion industry are as disingenuous in their support for government financing as the banking industry was in obtaining bailouts.

Rights necessitate responsibilities. The right or freedom to make a decision to do something requires the responsibility to bear the consequences of that decision, whether financial or otherwise. To do otherwise, renders a completely irresponsible society that can only result in its own destruction.

Reproduction involves the rights of the three people directly involved; woman, man and child. Although all the power can be given to the woman, the rights remain with the three. Securing the rights, devoid of responsibility, of the woman, while unquestionably denying the rights and responsibilities of the man and the rights of the child is the ultimate injustice.

Eldon Rash