A vote for Ayotte is a vote for our safety

To the Editor:

There are a lot of issues I care about, but defending our nation is definitely my top priority. When I enter the voting booth, I vote for candidates that I know will take this issue seriously. At the local level, I want elected officials who prioritize police and fire, and invest in safety. On the federal level, I vote for leaders who know how to make the difficult decisions that affect the safety of our nation. This is why I am supporting Kelly Ayotte.

She has in-depth experience in this area and has been able to command the respect of colleagues on it as well.

She understands the importance of having good strong military bases, like Pease Air National Guard Base and the naval shipyard.

She also understands that we must not shy away from being a leader on the global stage, because if America doesn’t lead, our adversaries certainly will. I trust Kelly Ayotte , because I know she has the knowledge and the judgement to keep New Hampshire safe.

Charles Neal