A community for artists and art lovers

To the Editor:

We are recent newcomers to Bedford and lovers of fine art. One of the best things about our new hometown has been all the interest in and support of art and artists that this area offers.

No matter if one is a true professional or just a Sunday painter or simply loves and collects fine art, we have found that there are clubs and associations and galleries that encourage and support fine art and artists all around us. It has been a wonderful discovery!

Places such as the Sullivan Art and Framing Gallery, the Bedford Library, The Crafters Guild and many other venues, including the Bedford Journal event calendar are part of the picture. Feature articles in the Bedford Journal have often provided information about what’s going on in the area’s art world. We have used them all!

Last week, we attended the unique and beautiful 13th annual event of "Petals2Paint," presented by the East Colony Fine Arts organization at the LaBelle Winery in Amherst. Paintings, art glass and sculpture were handsomely displayed in the winery’s gallery room surrounded by glass walls and nature. Each art piece was accompanied by a floral arrangement done by the artist or a master florist to complement the subject matter, colors, feel or atmosphere of the painting, glass or sculpture. It was a totally engaging and delightful experience!

We were welcomed on arrival by artist Sally Gordon Shea, of Bedford, who created her own floral arrangement, and is a member of East Colony. Sally graciously answered our questions and started us on our "journey" through the garden of artworks and floral designs.

This stunning event made us all the happier that Bedford is our home, and we look forward to more adventures in art here!

Priscilla Sands

Tom and Diana Hayes