Support candidates who support Planned Parenthood, women’s rights

To the Editor:

On Wednesday, June 29, The Executive Council of New Hampshire thankfully passed state funding for Planned Parenthood. This decision shows how crucial it is to review the resumes of those running for elected office down-
ballot. There are candidates in New Hampshire who will continue to prioritize putting women’s health ahead of politics.

They understand that Planned Parenthood is the only outlet for much of society’s most vulnerable. They understand that the people of New Hampshire should not be forced to choose between medical treatment and economic security.

So much of the battle lies in state office elections, but solidifying the top of the ticket matters to ensure that Planned Parenthood is not targeted at the federal level as well.

While Donald Trump routinely slanders women and recommends that women who seek abortions should be punished, Hillary Clinton has championed women’s rights for many years.

Secretary Clinton led the charge against the Bush Administration’s attempts to restrict over-the-counter access to "Plan B," introduced a bill guaranteeing U.S. servicewomen, who are too often victims of sexual assault in the military, access to emergency contraception, and co-sponsored the Freedom of Choice Act to protect women’s right to make their own healthcare decisions and championed legislation to improve access to women’s health care and reduce unintended pregnancies.

Her track record speaks for itself: Hillary Clinton always has and always will continue to fight for women. This is why the Presidents of Planned Parenthood, the National Organization for Women, NARAL, and Emerge America have all heralded Hillary Clinton for her commitment as a trailblazer for women’s rights.

As the Executive Council has shown, protecting women’s rights requires action at all levels of governance if women are to be afforded the dignity they deserve. Otherwise, rights will continue to be trampled on in the name of politics and thousands in New Hampshire and millions across the country will be denied outlets to health services.

A leader at the helm of our country must continue this fight for women. The record shows that leader is Hillary Clinton.

Katie Downer,