Time to foster peace, respect

To the Editor:

"I’m shocked!" The cry of remorse echoes throughout the land. But why?

Our entertainment-saturated society has nourished a culture of violence with its explosive destruction of property and people portrayed on all-sized screens. Our damaging romance with guns has bloodied our streets and gathering places. Our thirst for material riches is insatiable. Our politicians fill the air with lies, deception, distortions and few solutions. All these march on as though they don’t matter.

When will we address the causal factors of our dilemma? When will we learn to respect and treat with dignity both people and property? People worldwide are connected as never before. Why not use our devices to foster empathy and caring?

The shock is that we are such slow and unwilling learners. Ancient teachings spell out simple principles for relationships: "Treat others the way you wish to be treated." A simplification of the Ten Commandments states "Reverence for God; Respect for People." – William Barclay. From I Corinthians 13 we learn that "Love never gives up."

In valuing other people we enhance our own value. Thus can we build a society that makes life worth living and enriches the lives of others – a society of peace and security.

Warren W. Lindstrom