Sen. Ayotte has failed to live up to standards for office, New Hampshire

To the Editor:

As a native of New Hampshire, I have always felt that our national representatives need to represent the independence of thought and spirit that characterizes our New Hampshire approach to working towards our common goals: a reasonable living situation with all of us doing our best to sharing the world with our fellow citizens. Our elected officials must work with their peers to achieve policies and laws that promote such an environment. In my opinion, Ms. Ayotte has utterly failed to live up to that standard. Instead of being an independent voice, helping us to move toward that goal , she acts more like a marionette, whose strings are being pulled by the "nattering nabobs of negativity," people like Karl Rove, Steve Duprey, and the Koch brothers, whose view of the world is sharply limited to their extreme view of how everyone should live.

We need good people, who can and will work with their fellows of both parties to get things done. Whether it is new policies on immigration, education or the confirmation of a Supreme Court justice, refusing to deal with important matters is simply wrong. That attitude, which Ms. Ayotte has demonstrated repeatedly and loudly, should not be rewarded with our support. We need to put someone in the Senate who has clearly shown, by word and deed that she can work with everyone to get things accomplished. Spinning the truth to hide one’s real lack of a successful tenure in Congress is hardly a plus. Telling the "big lie" does not make it true. It only seems to.

We must see through the political half-truths and outright lies to put our votes where they will do the most good, and that is not to re-elect Ms. Ayotte.

Ralph Sidore