Trump’s ignorance makes him unfit to serve as president of the United States

To the Editor:

Donald Trump is not for New Hampshire or our nation and it starts with his ignorance of almost everything needed to be a president. It is also true New Hampshire Republican candidates owe it to voters to be precise with their opinion without equivocation. It is a simple character test.

Donald Trump is a phony I know it and so does every Republican dancing around the issue of supporting him or not. It is simple; Republicans should stand up and be proud of their party choice or have the courage to denounce it.

First it was a wall, next it was screening Muslims, closing their Mosques if necessary, profiling people, attacking a federal judge on his race, defaulting on U.S. debts, breaking off alliances, ignoring treaties and deporting millions of immigrants.

Trump is so ignorant he says he doesn’t have time to read, he gets news clippings. I guess the Presidential Daily Briefing would be ignored. He thought the Scots wanted to Brexit but was informed that they wanted in. His world view is narrow and is pivoted toward his business interests which are questionable at present.

The path Trump wants to take is a road to hell for America and a sky high ride for The Donald, where he can display his racism, bigotry, incompetence and his self-adulation on the world stage.

If a presidential candidate lacks knowledge about our world, its relationships, its cultures and the history of our country and wants to deny people their constitutional rights then they should be denied support. The conservative columnist George Will sensibly rejected the GOP and all it stands for because the GOP has pursued their own bad agenda and Donald Trump exemplifies it.

Republicans have a choice of drinking the party Kool Aid and poisoning themselves or having the character to support someone else. Yes the time has come for true Republicans to own him or trade him.

Joe O’Rourke