Nyquist supports education

To the Editor:

New Hampshire’s system of education is good. Lee Nyquist favors maintaining our public education system. More important, however, he believes the state must fully fund our public education system from pre-K through post-secondary levels. Our legislature must work to assure a quality education for all students, no matter where they live or what their learning problems may be. In some communities, the burden of supporting good schools is overwhelming. Nyquist will work to ensure all cities and towns have the means to run quality schools.

By investing in our schools and rebuilding the human infrastructure of our state, we will attract businesses which need skilled workers and retain the businesses already here. That is why Nyquist supports forming partnerships for vocational training programs between the education communities and businesses which have job openings for skilled workers. This system would allow interested students to participate in project-based and competency-based programs. Andy Sanborn, Lee’s opponent in the Senate race, advocates for "more jobs." With a 2.8 percent unemployment rate, quantity is not the problem; quality is. Due to the mismatch between employer needs and workforce training, we have thousands of job openings here in the Granite State and, thanks to his time on New Hampshire’s Workforce Investment Board, Lee knows the importance of filling them.

I will be voting for Lee Nyquist on September 13, and again on November 8.

Margaret Pyszka