Support Maggie Hassan for Senate

To the editor,

It was so wonderful to hear the rhetoric of hope, inclusivity, and strength in diversity at the Democratic National Convention. The Democratic Party is unified and ready to take on Trump, and Gov. Maggie Hassan is standing strong with it.

Unlike Kelly Ayotte, who tried to keep her distance from her party’s toxic presidential nominee and their hateful, fearful rants by avoiding the Republican National Convention, Maggie proudly represented New Hampshire in Philadelphia. Maggie isn’t afraid to stand up for what she believes in. She knows that our platform will champion hardworking families and support the middle class. Maggie will work to overturn Citizens United to help keep special interests out of politics, ensure equal pay for equal work, and prevent Donald Trump and Republicans from defunding Planned Parenthood. Maggie and her fellow Democrats represent an America that includes all of us and ensures opportunity for everyone, not just those at the top.

When it comes to someone who has consistently solved New Hampshire’s problems by reaching out to both sides of the aisle while staying true to her values, the choice for the Senate is clear: I hope you’ll join me in supporting Maggie Hassan!

Chuck and Carol Meyer