Don’t let Trump stain the GOP

To the Editor:

Bedford has 16,000 registered voters: 7,800 Republicans, 4,700 Independents, 3,500 Democrats, etc. What is below affects every one of you.

Sen. Kelly Ayotte, like many senatorial candidates across this country, has a serious election challenge as shown by Gov. Maggie Hassan’s current 10 point lead in the polls. Sen. Ayotte not only wants your vote; she very much needs it.

Sen. Ayotte originated and led the substance abuse fight with bills like CARA (Comprehensive Addiction and Recovery Act) while Gov. Hassan lost us $12M in our state with which to fight this disease.

I have known and worked closely with Sen. Ayotte for about three years and know her interactions with average people like me are genuine and I have seen the intensity of her focus on what is good for New Hampshire on many issues.

Donald Trump is a contagious pariah for all Republican party candidates. He will lose the presidential election for every time he has opened his mouth and left people shaking their heads either in disgust, fear or laughter. He will cause major Republican decreases in the Senate and House, and put at risk the Republican party itself, and the concept of bi-partisan politics.

This letter is less about the candidates and all about you and what you need do in November. This one is on you. Make a few phone calls, send a few emails, talk to your neighbors. But don’t let Trump tear the Republican party apart or tear down this country.

Jim Scanlon