Hassan disregards her responsibilities

To the Editor:

The average voter or taxpayer might not take the time to pour through government reports to understand where their money is being spent. However, that doesn’t mean transparency and openness aren’t important. And here in New Hampshire, I wouldn’t put it past my neighbors to actually dive into these spending reports before they make decisions about their politicians.

Unfortunately for the people of our state, Gov. Maggie Hassan has once again failed to turn in these mandatory government spending reports on time. She’s either distracted by her campaign for the Senate or failing to do her job and manage the state agencies. I don’t know which is worse.

In her last days as governor, Maggie Hassan needs to pay attention to her responsibilities rather than push them aside. If the state legislature is getting fed up with Hassan’s antics now, imagine how her fellow senators would feel about her procrastination if we sent her to Washington. Before New Hampshire citizens consider checking the box for Hassan in November, I’d encourage them to think about her careless disregard for her current job. You can’t just give up on one job when you’re trying to get another one – especially when your failures affect so many people here in our state.

Megan Danis