Impending failure of ACA is clear

To the Editor:

Obamacare or the Affordable Care Act was supposed to provide affordable health insurance for every American. Now everyone is realizing that its failure is near.

Aetna is the latest healthcare insurer to quit most Obamacare markets. Aetna will stop selling individual plans next year in 11 of the 15 states after facing enormous losses.

All of this was predicted by critics early on when they said this government program was unsustainable.

That didn’t stop Representatives David Danielson (R) and Terry Wolf (R) from voting to expand Obamacare in New Hampshire. Both representatives voted for HB1696, but Bedford residents expect their elected officials to support legislation that is fiscally responsible, and Obamacare is not.

This produced the largest expansion of welfare in the state’s history, it was also the first time taxpayer funded free health care was given to able-bodied, childless-adults who are choosing not to work full time.

The legislation doesn’t even require recipients to look for a job even though they are able-bodied and only working part time.

Speaker Paul Ryan and President Barack Obama have said that the federal funding will be cut, leaving New Hampshire taxpayers on the hook. The Congressional Budget Office confirms that the program is excessive and will encourage people to not find full time work. To make matters worse, funding this program has driven up private health care costs by 60 percent.

There are better solutions for uninsured Americans. Supporting a free enterprise system and competition in health care insurance would not only bring down the costs, we’d have a choice with what coverage to purchase. This is how automobile insurance works; we can choose better products at a reasonable price.

Our elected officials have a duty to understand this issue and vote responsibly. Representatives Danielson and Wolf let the voters of Bedford and New Hampshire down when they supported expanding Obamacare in New Hampshire.

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Joleen Worden

Bedford Taxpayers Association