Nothing affordable about ‘Obamacare’

To the Editor:

Have you seen your health insurance rates go up? Expect another big increase this year. There has been nothing "affordable" about Obamacare. Even worse is the expanded Medicaid program here in New Hampshire. There is no evidence that this program does anything to improve the health of able-bodied adults. To know the truth on this, it helps if you were at the legislative hearings on expanded Medicaid. Was the room full of poor people looking to be covered by this program? Nope, not a one. So who packed that room to capacity? Gentlemen in suits and ties … doctors and hospital CEOs. You see this program does nothing for the health or medical care of poor adults but it does everything to the profits of doctors and hospitals. And of the poor among us, who needs our financial help more than doctors and hospital CEOs?

So what is this expanded Medicaid in New Hampshire and why does it matter to you? This is a program where in the first few years your federal tax dollars will fund free health insurance coverage with little to no deductibles for able-bodied adults without children. Yes, they will have far better insurance coverage than you probably can afford these days. For the first time ever, this tax-payer subsidy does not require that there be a disability, chronic health issue, or dependent children to qualify. And there is no requirement that these adults work and try to contribute to their betterment. What is the impact on you of sweeping up able-bodied adults in this program? You will have told that having insurance coverage for these people will reduce the costs of uncompensated care that drives up the cost of your insurance premiums … but then in the same breath told don’t expect to see this reduce your premiums. But your doctor and hospital CEO will be quite happy with the increased revenues of your federal tax dollars that are funneled their way. In a short time the federal tax dollars will be cut such that it will require a state income tax or sales tax to sustain this free health insurance coverage to able-bodied adults. Are you looking for new taxes?

Why does this all matter at election time? Choices. It’s all about choices. Instead of increasing costs and limited choices in health insurance, we need free-market solutions and greater choices. Major insurers have pulled out of the Obamacare marketplace because it is a failed financial model and if they don’t pull out they may soon find themselves failing, like most of the CO-OPs set up under Obamacare and leave you with no choices at all. Anthem, take it or leave it. Who at the Legislature voted for this failed program of taxpayer funded expanded Obamacare? That would be Reps. Dave Danielson and Terry Wolf. If you want someone who is serious about protecting the little guy rather than the doctors and hospital CEOs, it is the Sanborn Team of Senator Andy Sanborn and Rep. Laurie Sanborn who deserve your vote. They sure have mine.

Laura Condon,