Trump deserves more scrutiny

To the Editor:

Former Vermont Gov. Howard Dean has said Donald Trump should receive the same press scrutiny given to Hillary Clinton. Especially now, with this Sunday’s revelation of Trump’s undisclosed debts. They involve too many exposures and conflicting loyalties that make one wonder if he could even qualify for a security clearance with the government.

A president is not like a Supreme Court judge who may have to recuse him/herself from decision making in any number of specific instances. A president can’t recuse her/himself from any decision she/he faces. Conflicts of interest cannot arise.

His indebtedness includes $650 million dollars owed to the government owned Bank of China and others, twice the amount reported thus far. Yes, that’s the Chinese government. How will he make decisions concerning our relationship with China without any real or perceived personal benefit to cloud his judgment?

Of course, his campaign has recently pointed to Hillary’s connection to the Clinton nonprofit global fund they founded but her announced intention once elected to end that relationship receives little notice. And, no mention is made of the good it does nor of George W. Bush’s nonprofit fund on the board of which members of the Bush family sat while he was still president. Then there’s the full disclosure of the Clinton Tax Returns versus Trump’s non-disclosure. And what about Trump’s debts with Goldman Sachs? The media silence is sin, big time.

The Rev. William S. Gannon