When will Trump release tax returns?

To the Editor:

For the past 40 years, every Presidential nominee, both Democrat and Republican, has released their tax returns. That is, until this year. Despite promising multiple times to release his returns, Donald Trump has now refused to do so, denying the American people the most basic financial information that they have been able to access in every election in recent memory.

What could Donald Trump be hiding to make a decision in such stark contrast with all of those who have run for President before him? In making the incredibly important decision of who to vote for, the American people deserve as much information as possible. These returns give Americans Insight into investments which contextualize the business interests of candidates, creating a more informed understanding of possible conflicts of interest. They also provide information on charitable giving, and the American people demand clear answers about Trump’s behavior.

Americans deserve more transparency than we are receiving from Donald Trump. Hillary Clinton has released her tax returns since 1977, and Tim Kaine has released his for the past 10 years, leaving no question of their federal, state and local tax rates, as well as donations to charity. There is no reasonable excuse to keep this information from voters and Donald Trump should be held to the same standard that candidates in the past have been.

Katherine Downer