Fromuth not right choice for Bedford

To the Editor:

Almost all candidates are a composite of many strengths and only a few shortfalls. Almost all. Rep. Fromuth seems to bring no advantages to Bedford and appears more politician than public servant.

This is the sum total of his record. He has been admonished by the House Ethics Committee for continuously ignoring requests that he submit the annually required Financial Disclosure Form. That’s serious. (House Calendar #28, 4/29/16).

Next, consider that in Mr. Fromuth’s professional life, he is the COO of Freedom Energy Logistics, an unregulated electric energy provider. In his politician’s life he has participated in House discussions on the energy industry, including sponsoring one of his own bills (HB 543). How does any legislator working within an industry, in clear conscience, choose to vote either yea or nay on any legislation that would either profit or benefit his professional employment? Most other legislators would seek recusal in that circumstance but Mr. Fromuth goes as far as proposing his own bill.

Still another flaw was the answer he gave to the Town Council Chair who asked for his support for the renewable energy project powering the Library: "I am not a big believer in taxpayer subsidies." (public record/Fromuth email – 2/11/15). Another disconnect between Mr. Fromuth and the town of Bedford was his email sent to the town manager calling for an independent investigation of the BPD, without first ascertaining any relevant facts of the case in question. (public record/Fromuth email 12/10/2014). Those are the only two interactions between Mr. Fromuth and the town of Bedford.

Other candidates have long distinguished themselves in their service to Bedford. Mr. Fromuth has no such history of contributions. Bedford voters should consider all these factors when casting their vote.

Jim Scanlon