Opposition to Trump applauded

To the Editor:

I admit that I can be described as a lifelong liberal in the mold of a Roosevelt Democrat. However, I also admit that there have been several elections where I did not support or vote for the Democratic Presidential candidate. I believe that one needs to support the candidate that will be best for the country.

I write to applaud Sen. Susan Collins and the other House and Senate Republicans that have clearly stated their opposition to not only the positions but to the preparedness and temperament of Donald Trump to be President of our country. Senator Collins has shown political courage in choosing country over party. I wish my senator, Kelly Ayotte, had the same political courage and moral compass. In her campaign ads she tries to convince the citizens of New Hampshire that she has the courage to be bipartisan, understands the foreign policy issues that our country faces, and will make decisions that will be in the best interests of the United States.

Unfortunately, her words and actions show that is not the case. She has been silent or has repeatedly said she disagrees with Donald Trump’s many outrageous positions concerning deportation of millions of people, foreign policy regarding NATO, expanding the number of countries with nuclear weapons, and his bullying or demeaning statements concerning women, people with disabilities, and most recently the Gold Star parents of a fallen American serviceman.

Her statement that she supports but does not endorse Donald Trump for the position of President makes it clear that she is choosing party over country. A clear distinction from Senator Collins. Senator Ayotte is an unquestioning follower of Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell. She has and will always support the Republican Party, over the best interests of the country, as her support of Donald Trump reveals. She has shown that she is not willing to make the difficult decisions if it means not supporting her Republican leadership. I had believed that she represented the citizens of New Hampshire and the United States, not the Republican Party. However, it is clear that I was wrong. She will follow wherever the Party leads, whether or not it is in the best interests of the country.

If or when a new edition of Profiles in Courage is printed I believe Senator Collins should be included. Sadly, Senator Ayotte will be absent from that book as she has shown she has neither the political courage or moral compass to be included.

Richard B. Friedman, MD