Gould an advocate for community

To The Editor:

What are we seeking when we evaluate a candidate to represent us?

In addition to integrity, we want someone who will ensure that our tax dollars are wisely spent, our economic engine is at full speed and our quality of life is maintained.

Linda Gould has proven that she not only understands these factors but is a strong and reliable advocate for them.

In Concord, she was an effective and articulate voice for achieving a balanced budget. She has been a strong proponent for reducing the jobs-killing, business-stifling BET and BPT. She understands that business and jobs thrive if private capital investment is encouraged and red tape removed. She was a leader in the drive to increase the expensing deductions for capital equipment purchases and pushed for simplifying the process for business tax filings. She will fight the imposition of regulations which hamper business in New Hampshire.

No "go along to get along" representative, Linda will ensure that we are not burdened with a sales or income tax and we’ll live within our means. Rather than increase taxes, she’ll fight for increasing cost efficiencies.

We’ve all been affected by the scourges of the opioid epidemic and mental illness issues. Linda has proven to be a compassionate but practical advocate for evaluating cost-effective changes to our current systems.

A vote for Linda is a vote for good government.

Richard Harris