Success of Obama administration

To the Editor:

I am not writing in support of any candidate. I am acknowledging the accomplishments that the Democrats have made since President Obama took office. With the expansion of Medicaid, Obamacare and better insurance coverage of contraception, the rate of abortion in the US has plummeted as the birth rate has simultaneously decreased, proving availability of health care and birth control, not restrictive laws, decrease abortion. The number of Americans lacking health insurance has gone down by 15 million. The US median household income has finally started to increase going up 5.2 percent in just 2015 alone. Since President Obama took office we have added over 10 million jobs, and the unemployment rate is now below the historical norm. Corporate profits have significantly increased and the stock market has soared with the Dow Jones index up 120 percent. There has been no significant tax increase, on low and middle income families. There has also been a dramatic decrease in illegal immigration, and major crime continues to decrease. Despite republicans and libertarians demanding less government, taxes and regulations, it has been the US government who has come to the rescue of blue and red states alike in every major disaster, fire, flood, hurricane, blizzard, tornado etc. So come on, let’s admit it, you may dislike a candidate, you may have come on hard times or feel left behind but it is the Democratic Party that strives to deliver what is most important for human beings – to have adequate food, water and shelter, and to be healthy and safe. Think about it.

Wayne L. Goldner MD