Time for America to wake up to reality

To the Editor:

Wake up time has arrived for Republicans, Democrats and Independents, whether they voted for President Trump or not.

Deliberate fact manipulation and blaming things on Fake News is an endangerment to a democracy. It is also a threat to free speech and a free press. Inventing phrases like "Alternative Facts" to negate truths is a deliberate way to deceive the public. A fact doesn’t have an alternative.

History gives us a choice to look back and learn or to go forward blind to repeat the same mistakes. Repeated mistakes have a price on our way of life and our security in a free society. Leaders that contort twist and manipulate what has been said or happened, fail to recognize their responsibility to the electorate.

Many of us have seen and read the many comments on what the President thinks of the CIA. Standing before stars representing fallen heroes he had the audacity to blame the media for the false reporting of his very own words and actually accused them of making it up. To have a press secretary scold the press and accuse them of manipulating pictures is scary. Press intimidation leads to citizen intimidation and as it creeps in people are silenced. In two days we have heard a series of presidential lies. Almost Every tweet, every statement and every utterance have contained lies. Dictatorships, Communist countries and others have always been manipulators of truth and have lied to their people.

Citizens have a social compact with their government, accepting laws made, being participants in the voting process and exercising their right to free speech. Citizens also have an understanding that their President and other elected officials will be truthful in their conduct and acceptance of a free press.

My opinion is not directed at policies or politics. I want the President to succeed and I respect the Electoral College results.

We as citizens have the same opportunity we have always had to reject lies being told to us by writing, protesting and voting against those that are willing to manipulate true facts. As citizens we should be willing to take a step forward to be heard. We should also be willing to take the blinders off to recognize this isn’t what any of us want.

J L O’Rourke III