Bedford would gain from Rombeau

On March 14, Bedford residents will vote to fill two Town Council seats. I urge everyone to evaluate the candidates and I believe that when you do, you will find that Catherine Rombeau embodies exactly what this town needs in a town council member. You will not find a more intelligent, motivated, or competent individual. Catherine cares about and is proud of this town. Her passion for improving the lives of its residents while keeping taxes low is contagious. She wants to make this town better and, in return, influences those around her to do the same. Catherine is thoughtful and approachable. She will listen and consider what Bedford residents want from their council members and get the job done effectively.

Whether you are concerned about commercial development, water safety, cell phone towers, roads, or maintaining the town’s historic character, Catherine is the person that you want by your side, working tirelessly for Bedford residents. Catherine wears many hats – mother, attorney, friend, runner, and more – and handles each one with both ease and determination. Bedford would be lucky to have her in a leadership role going forward. We need thoughtful and enthusiastic individuals fighting for and protecting our wonderful town. There is no candidate more well-suited for that role than Catherine.

If you are interested in a forward-thinking, skilled, and open-minded candidate, please join me in voting for Catherine Rombeau for town council on March 14 at Bedford High School, 7 a.m.-7 p.m.

Erin Fisher