Elect Rombeau 
for Town Council

On March 14, I urge voters to select Catherine Rombeau as one of our next town councilors. She believes in planning for Bedford’s future to ensure that as a community we strike the right balance of keeping a small-town feel while fostering appropriate commercial development and suitable infrastructure to meet the needs of our town. By looking down the road at Bedford’s requirements, she will help devise a comprehensive plan to maintain the best qualities of the place we all call home.

I have witnessed Catherine’s dedication to any task at hand, whether it be her career as an employment attorney, raising her young children or organizing a fundraising drive for a local family in need. Catherine is bright, committed and willing to hear ideas from all Bedford residents as to what they feel are the important issues facing us today.

Please vote for Catherine Rombeau on March 14. She is the right choice for Bedford’s future.

Carrie D. Jurus