Support Rombeau for Town Council

I encourage all Bedford residents to vote on March 14 and support Catherine Rombeau for Town Council. I can not think of a more intelligent, competent person to help guide our town in this tentative time. If you are concerned about the future of our town, and agree that we need someone to help make responsible, thoughtful decisions, then she is your candidate.

Our town needs to begin shaping a long term plan as we approach the horizon of the retirement of numerous department heads, as we manage both business development in relationship with commercial zoning and the need for cellphone base stations, while preserving residential neighborhoods, and as we examine the efficiency and needs of public safety given the current and future growth of Bedford.

We need someone who is pragmatic and forward thinking. Professionally, Catherine’s background as an attorney makes her ready to deal with the statutes, regulations, contracts and budgets that come with serving on the town council, and personally, her role as the mother of two young children makes her personally invested in the success of Bedford for years to come.

It is my wish to maintain our family-centered, business-friendly town in a responsible manner, and I believe Catherine is ready to work for us with our town’s best interests for the future in mind.

Sheila Quick