In support of Catherine Rombeau

To the Editor,

I am writing to your readers to support Catherine Rombeau’s candidacy for Bedford Town Council.

Catherine will work to protect residential neighborhoods with a comprehensive approach – for example, examining appropriate areas of town for cell phone towers to avoid telecoms hopscotching between neighbors and examining our current zoning regulations to prevent high-density loopholes and such. She is an advocate for responsible business development and will partner with existing businesses to promote commercial growth that fits the wonderful character of our town while maintaining our tax base.

Catherine researches issues extensively and responds directly and specifically to the concerns of Bedford residents. She seeks to understand the truth and the different sides of the issues facing our town and is committed to planning ahead. Bedford will be facing many critical decisions in the next few years and we need someone with Catherine’s passion and commitment playing a key role in molding our town’s future.

So please vote for Catherine on March 14th and let her get to work for us!

Jenn Robichaud