Give the gift of being respectful to each other this holiday season

A newborn baby cannot choose where they are born, their skin color, ethnicity, sex, religion and parents. They cannot choose where they will live, if they will have safety, shelter, education and live free of fear. They are not a registered Democrat, Republican or any other political party. They are a tabula rasa.

We are all members of the human race, and have far more in common than differences. We have similar needs, desires and values. To have a safe shelter to live in, to be free of hunger, to speak our beliefs without fear, to have freedom of and from religion, to be healthy and have access to basic affordable healthcare. We deserve fair wages on our jobs, to be fairly and equally taxed and treated and be free from discrimination and harassment. Education should be for all, for it is our future generations’ most valuable tool. Blue or red state we need state and federal government resources during natural and man-made disasters i.e. hurricanes and the great recession. We all know the climate is changing and that we must protect our planet.

On these holidays think of what we have in common and what we must do to enrich our society. Let’s talk and discuss and not care about what politicians and pundits say, but do what is in our hearts. Let us start during this holiday season to raise everyone up and do it together.