Chris Pappas is the best choice for U.S. Congress, ‘a true statesman’

We urge every Democrat, Independent and even Republicans, to vote for Chris Pappas in the upcoming Democratic primary. Chris is a true statesman with a devotion to public service, something we find too little of in Washington these days. Chris is very bright. He listens. He understands all sides of an issue. He makes decisions and he acts. His decisions and actions are ones which benefit most people in New Hampshire. He is also pure New Hampshire and will represent all the residents of New Hampshire vigorously. He is running because he truly wants to serve the residents of New Hampshire, not himself like too many other candidates, who are attracted to the power of the office and the high paying lobbying jobs afterward. Compare him to candidates who move to New Hampshire because of the opportunity of an open slot. Not Chris. We will say it again, he is pure New Hampshire.