Rebranding is forward thinking

We have always found Souhegan High School to be an interesting place, with its Community Council that appears to be unique to schools in this region – students, faculty, members of the public help make decisions for the school – and what appears to be a general attitude of … well, we’re not quite sure how to put it. There always has seemed to be something different about Souhegan, in a good way.

So, we weren’t surprised to find that for the past year, the school’s Communication Committee has been looking at “rebranding” the school, in part to celebrate its 20-year history, in part to bring its message and public perception into the 21st century, as our Danielle Curtis wrote in last week’s Cabinet.

They are even looking at redesigning the school mascot – the saber-toothed tiger – and the school seal, primarily because they do not work online and Souhegan is acknowledging that the online world has become important to high schools. Part of the reason is to make Souhegan more recognizable through use of its symbols. That can be difficult because the saber doesn’t reproduce well online, and some of the school athletic teams tend to use variations of the saber when making team gear, officials say.

The big thing, though, is universality.

“We need something that will transcend all available media,” said Kathy White, the school’s technology director, and a member of the Communication Committee.

That’s forward thinking.

What we like most, though, is that the final decision will be universal: Students and school staff have voted on proposed changes (or no changes – keeping things the same is one of the options), and community input is going to be sought, too.

That way, everyone will have a stake in Souhegan’s move forward, a stake in the future of the school.