Traffic solution won’t please all

The Milford Traffic Safety Committee has a difficult decision to make and whatever it does, someone is going to be unhappy.

Here is the issue:

Residents of Ledgewood Condominiums have only one way to get out of their development and that is down Tonella Road to Nashua Street where they must make either a left or right turn. A right turn isn’t too difficult, although vision can sometimes be blocked a bit, but a left-hand turn can be really problematic.

Ledgewood residents want to change the direction of Phillips Way, which connects the condos to residential Prospect Street, from one-way into Ledgewood to one-way out, so they would not have to fight to get from Tonella onto Nashua Street.

Prospect Street residents oppose the plan, fearing additional traffic on their street, which they describe as narrow, with partial sidewalks and many children.

The Traffic Safety Committee is charged with making a recommendation to the Board of Selectmen, which will ultimately decide what to do.

One idea is to install a traffic light at the Tonella-Nashua Street intersection, and it sounded good at first.

But how would a light affect traffic coming from the County Stores parking lot?

Cars turning right, for instance, wouldn’t get to go far before encountering a red light and traffic in the parking lot could back up.

Cars turning left could get out easier, one would think, when the Nashua Street part of the light was red, except they’d encounter Tonella Road traffic that is also turning left, which could be dicey.

And, not all drivers being courteous or watchful, cars stopped for a red light on Nashua Street could block cars from the County Stores plaza in the parking lot.

Compromise is always wished for, but we just don’t see how the traffic light idea would work. We wish we had a solution to propose to the committee, but we don’t.