Use of ‘N’ word never acceptable

Not everyone on the planet, or even the U.S., has cable or dish TV access, so they are left to survive without ESPN and, given what the New York Daily News reported last Friday, perhaps that’s for the best.

Apparently, a sportscaster named Steven Smith has three times in recent years used the ‘N’ word, perhaps the most odious, hurtful word in the English language.

Now Smith is black and as we know, it is the unfortunate habit of some black people to use that word, often in a oddly friendly way.

Smith, who has denied using the word each time he has been accused of it, could, perhaps, be using it in the same such way and as quoted in the Daily News, one could think he had.

And ESPN has supported him, claiming that rather than having used that word, he just mumbled a couple of words.

But the Daily News watched the latest Smith tape several times and concluded that Smith and ESPN were blowing smoke, that he had, indeed used the word, in the latest case while speaking of basketball player Kevin Durant and how he compared to LeBron James, Daily News media critic Bob Raissman said Smith said this:

“That’s the way it goes. That’s all. ‘N’ please.”

The word is demeaning regardless of who uses it. It is not a synonym for “buddy” or “pal.”