Don’t forget politicians’ actions when Election Day comes

Timothy Egan, writing in the Oct. 29 New York Times, railed against the Republicans who forced the shutdown of the government, costing, he said, “real Americans” a great deal of money.

By “real Americans,” he meant men and women who work for a living, not politicians.

His solution? Make the Republicans pay, and he singled out Steve King, of Iowa, and Darrell Issa, of California.

King insisted “We’re right” as farmers in his district could not get their loans processed. Issa shut down the government and then demanded to know why national parks were closed.


Shutting down the government didn’t hurt the perpetrators one bit. Oh, one could speculate that their constituents will hold it against them when they are up for election, but if you said that to one of these economic terrorists, they’d laugh at you.

Know why? Because they are convinced that our attention span is so short that by November 2014, none of us will remember that the shutdown happened, and they will be happy to help us wallow in our forgetfulness.

Friends, don’t forget.