Serene hiking in Mile Slip forest

It’s hard to find peace and quiet in the modern world, but not impossible: Just drive to the end of Mile Slip Road in Milford, pull into the parking lot of the Mile Slip Town Forest, and go for a hike.

It is amazing how quiet it is, except for the very occasional sound of an airplane far overhead.

Otherwise, all you can hear is nature and the sound of your own footsteps,

It is a wonderful place to get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, a place where serenity is possible.

And it is all because Milford voters, nearly a decade ago, voted to spend the money to buy this 450-acre property, to keep it from development, to make it a haven from the noise assault we experience every day, as well as a haven for bobcats, bears and other wildlife.

What makes it even quieter and wilder is that the 450 acres are connected to 7,000 acres of undeveloped land in Brookline, Mason, Milford and Wilton.

Give it a try.