Theft of lamp selfish, criminal

Well, we know nothing is safe in this world as long as there are people who think that stealing is a reasonable way to earn their keep, such as it might be. That earning their keep causes a certain amount of harm to their community simply isn’t their concern. It is, however, ours … all of ours.

The latest example of this kind of selfishness and, clearly, criminality, is the recent theft from Milford’s Riverside Cemetery of a lamp valued at between $12,000 and $15,000 that had been atop the monument of Josiah W. and Elizabeth Pillsbury. Mary Dickson, of the Milford Department of Public Works office, said it probably took at least two strong men to lift the lamp.

Well, men strong physically, but certainly not intellectually or morally.

This is just another small, sad chapter in the history of the world as we know it, and probably have always known it: There have always been and always will be people who put self above community, their pocketbooks above the greater good. Often they are just common, low-life thieves. But they can also be, as we learned after the economic disaster of 2008, high-ranking bankers and business people, and politicians, all of whom at one time or another have told us that whatever it is they’re doing is for the greater good, only to be exposed as cheats and liars.

Most of those bankers, business people and politicians have escaped without punishment, Bernie Madoff not withstanding, and will continue to escape punishment.

We can hope, though, that the nitwits who stole the cemetery lamp are discovered, perhaps with the help of one of their “friends” who turns them in because it’s the right thing to do. Or perhaps they’ll turn upon one another because, after all, there is no honor in thieves. And there is certainly no honor in thievery.