Officer needed in school district

Once upon a more innocent time, the idea that we need a police officer in our schools would have been difficult to believe.

But not now.

Too much has happened in recent years for us to take the safety of our students for granted.

We have been fortunate that the tragedies that have struck other communities have not hit home, but we can’t be certain that they won’t.

That is why we support the proposal by Milford Superintendent Bob Suprenant and Police Chief Michael Viola and police Capts. Chris Nervik and Stephen Toom to reintroduce an officer into the Milford School District.

The cost would be $63,000 per year, which is not very much considering what is at stake – the safety of our children.

Once it was easy for us to say, “Oh, well, it can’t happen here.” But other communities have undoubtedly said the same thing, only to find out, much to their sorrow, that indeed it can. Tragedies such as the one in Newtown, Conn., can happen anywhere, at any time.

It’s impossible to know, of course, what a police officer would have been able to do in the Newtown case. Perhaps very little. But the fact is, we can’t be sure and because it is our children who are involved, aren’t we better off investing in a precaution we might never need than regretting not having done it?

The Milford proposal calls for the officer to work primarily in the middle and high schools but he or she will also go to the lower grades in an effort to build relationships between kids and police officers, never a bad idea.

We hope that the town’s Advisory Budget Committee will support this proposal and that voters will, too.