We hope you get your hearts’ desires – as long it isn’t harmful to the rest of us

It is customary at this time of year for newspapers to wish people all manner of good things in the new year and, of course, we do. We wish you every good thing and hope that you get your hearts’ desires, as long as they aren’t harmful to the rest of us.

That’s always a problem with wishing others get their hearts desires because we can’t be sure what they desire will be something we don’t find inimical to our interests.

It reminds us of the time that Rodney King (remember him?) asked, “Can’t we all just get along?”

Well, no, we can’t and that is the problem that will plague the world until there is no more world. We can’t get along, we’ve proven it time and time again, because one’s interests are always, unfortunately, inimical to the interests of someone else.

That being so, then, what we can wish for you and for all of us is, in 2014, we all make an attempt to understand the point of view of those with whom we disagree. By doing that we might, longshot though it might be, come at least a hair closer to getting along.

In 2014, let’s all be Librans and try to balance the scales of our points of view.