Help make decisions for March’s Town Meetings

We know it isn’t the most exciting thing to contemplate as we head into February. There is, after all, the Super Bowl and we still have to worry about frozen pipes and who knows if the Red Sox can repeat.

But …

We all really need to think about the decisions we’re going to have to make in March. Some of us will make all of those decisions – such things as town and school budgets, but many more – in the voting booth. Others of us, but far fewer than once upon a time, will make those decisions at town or school district meetings.

Regardless, those decisions will affect our lives in one way or another for at least a year.

Milford voters, for instance, must decide whether to approve a $13.15 million budget, up 5.7 percent over the current year’s, or whether to reject it in favor of the $12.8 million “default” budget. We favor the proposed operating budget because we believe town officials are cognizant of our ability to pay and concerned that they not burden us with unnecessary appropriations.

Amherst voters must decide whether to purchase Cemetery Fields with an eye toward turning at least part of it into permanent playing fields. We’re not overly fond of that idea.

Milford is also looking at four zoning changes that would ease the development of a large stretch of land between South Street an Ponemah Hill Road, details of which were reported by our Kathy Cleveland in last week’s Cabinet. This certainly seems like a good idea, especially because the idea is to bring in more industry which helps to offset property taxes.

Regardless of what you think of these issues, it is you who must eventually make the decision and it is important for you, for all of us, to learn as much as we can about the details so we can decide intelligently.

The Cabinet will, of course, do more reporting in ensuing weeks and we hope you take the time to carefully read our stories.

But you could also go to your town and school budget discussions and, in Senate Bill 2 towns, to your deliberative sessions where budgets and warrant articles can be, and often are, amended.

So we ask you, as you prepare for the first cold-weather outdoors Super Bowl, to also prepare for your decisions in March. It’s not that far away.