A Milford winter hot spot from years past

100 years ago, 1914

The biggest storm in 20 years hit the region, affecting local trains. The 2:40 p.m. didn’t make it to Milford until 5 p.m. and the 4:26 got in at 10 p.m. The Milford-
Manchester train was canceled because of concern about curves in Grasmere, Bedford and Amherst. Milford’s road department used a heavy road scraper mounted on runners and pulled by four horses to get rid of high piles of snow left by plows. Lyndeborough reported 18 inches of snow that drifted badly and the 6:05 p.m. train arrived at 4:45 a.m. The coldest place in Wilton was the farm of Frances Russell on Russell Hill, where the mercury registered 25 below and never got above 8 below.

The Granite Grange in Milford held a poverty party at which anybody attending in anything but the oldest clothes was fined seven cents.

A tramp who applied for lodging in Milford proved to be valuable at Town Hall because he was an expert painter and unlike most tramps was willing to make himself useful. The basement of Town Hall was looking a lot better as the result of this hobo’s call.

There were two cases of scarlet fever reported in Wilton, one the young son of Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Ward, of Dale Street, the other the son of Mr. and Mrs. Dustin Draper, of Russell Street. The Board of Health closed both rooms where the boys attended school and put both families under quarantine.

70 years ago, 1944

The bitterest battle of the bitter Italian campaign was being fought around the Nazis’ mountain stronghold of Cassino, with valiant U.S. doughboys working their way into the town behind the rumbling roar of their tanks while German suicide squads sniped from battered buildings now in rubble.

There were 241 names on the Lyndeborough voting list.

The Latchis Theatre in Milford was showing “This is The Army” with George Murphy, Joan Leslie, Ronald Reagan and soldiers.

Minot Ring, of Wilton, son of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Ring, was promoted to aviation machinists mate second class. He was stationed at a Naval base in the Pacific.

The average age of the generals in the U.S. Army was 51.

50 years ago, 1964

The Milford School District was proposing a schedule of teacher salaries that would have the top step, a master’s degree with 10 years’ experience, set at $6,900. The starting salary for a teacher with a bachelor’s and no experience was $4,300.

The Latchis Theatre in Milford was showing “Rampage” with Robert Mitchum and Elsa Martinelli.

Airman second class David Schmidt, son of Mr. and Mrs. Carroll Hutchinson, of South Lyndeborough, returned to Dover Air Force Base in Delaware after spending a two-week leave at home.

Mr. and Mrs. Larry Boisvert and Mrs. Cora Bishop, of Pinnacle Grange in Lyndeborough, attended Past Master’s Night at Advance Grange in Wilton.

Diane Knight, of Amherst, was chosen queen of the pre-Lenten dance in Wilton, sponsored by Sacred Heart Parish.

The Milford High boys basketball team defeated Pembroke, 62-55.

25 years ago, 1989

Harold and Marge Corron, of Milford, won $3.5 million in the New Hampshire lottery and said they were planning a trip to Las Vegas “to see the show and the lights and to soak up some of the glamour.” Harold first quit his job at Barretto Granite in Milford.

Twenty-two Milford residents formed the Milford Taxpayers Association to protest the town’s recent reassessment and the increases they predicted in town and school district budgets.

Milford Area Senior High School students Kim Gay, Andrew Sweeney, and Rebecca Kibby were among 110 winners in the third annual Boston Globe Scholastic Art Awards.

An unidentified Mont Vernon man had to get rabies shots after he was bitten by a raccoon. The animal was destroyed and was being tested for rabies in a state laboratory. The resident said he had noticed a sick-looking raccoon on the roadside and brought it home. He was bitten on the finger while attempting to feed it.

Bill Dod and Rick Page were named co-coaches of the Milford Area Senior High baseball team. Dod was vice principal and Page was a physical education teacher.

Paul Hammerstrom set a Milford Area Senior High School wrestling record for the fastest pin – eight seconds against a White Mountain opponent.