Lessons from Great Brook condos in Milford

The residents of the Great Brook condominium complex in Milford have become trailblazers, folks who might have changed the way condos are run and who, we are certain, will give encouragement to residents of other condo complexes who believe they are not being treated fairly.

While we are not saying that was the case at Great Brook, because we don’t live there and we simply don’t know everything there is to know, one thing is abundantly clear:

The residents who last week replaced three members of the complex’s board of directors sincerely believed that they had legitimate grievances and acted upon them.

And that is the key:

Too often, people complain but don’t act. Or they don’t even bother to complain, except among themselves.

Well, certainly the Great Brook folks did that, but in the end, they banded together and worked together to accomplish an end that they believe will make their condo lives better.

We have no reason to doubt them.

From what we can tell from those who spoke to our reporter, Kathy Cleveland, the Great Brook residents are reasonable people who had legitimate complaints.

The lesson here for other condo complexes is two fold at least:

1. If you are the owner or the management agency for a complex, be sure to listen to your residents. That does not mean, of course, that you have to do everything they request, but it does mean that you must treat them with respect and, perhaps, more to the point, that they believe they are being treated with respect.

2. If you are a condo resident and you feel in any way put upon, remain reasonable, don’t lose your temper, but don’t fail to act. Talk to your neighbors, band them together and if you must, hire an attorney.

But whatever you do, don’t do nothing. Even if you fail, you’ll feel better for having tried.

And the success of the Great Brook residents should give hope to you all.