Olympics shouldn’t be hosted by totalitarian nations

The people who choose the sites for the Olympics will have learned, we hope, a valuable lesson from these Sochi Olympics, to wit:

Just because a country claims to no longer be totalitarian doesn’t mean said country is no longer totalitarian. And totalitarian nations should not be the sites of Olympic Games.

Russia, for instance, seized the homes of people living on land that the nation needed for things like Olympic hockey rinks, kicked the folks out of those homes and paid them nothing. Now that’s enviable eminent domain.

And then there’s the case of Yevgeny Vitisko who wrote a report about the negative impact of Russia’s preparations for these Olympics. According to the New York Times, the ever-charming Russian legal system sentenced him to serve three years in a penal colony. Of course, they didn’t say it was because of the Olympics, oh, never.

No, they said it was because he had violated the conditions of a suspended sentence for an earlier conviction of spray painting graffiti on a fence.

The Olympics might be a time of brotherhood among the athletes – at least one can hope so – but clearly the Games have nothing to offer, or teach, the nations that host them.