Dancing the night away

100 years ago, 1914

At its annual School District Meeting, Amherst voters decided to establish a Practical Arts High School, 96 yes to 49 no.

G.F. Bennett, of Milford, lost a valuable bag in Boston. While shopping in one of the stores, he set the bag down, and when he came to look for it, it was missing. He reported the loss at Boston police headquarters.

Miss Hazel Goss, a Brookline pupil at Milford High School, received a painful injury while playing with a parrot at Mrs. F.F. Hawkins’ house. Miss Goss, who boards there, was playing with the bird when it caught her neck, making a wound, which had to be treated by a doctor.

Wilton officials were trying to convince the railroad to keep the winter timing of trains the same in the summer, especially the train that got into Wilton at 6:45 p.m. Usually during the summer, that train pulled into Wilton at 10 p.m.

Good desirable tenements in Wilton were scarce.

70 years ago, 1944

Milford’s annual Town Meeting dinner was attended by about 125 people and made a profit of $45.

Pvt. Mario Infanti, of Milford, reported to Fort Snelling in St. Paul, Minn., after a 15-day leave at home.

Out of the $90 billion that consumers spent for goods and services in 1943, $6 billion was spent for alcoholic beverages, the Department of Commerce reported.

With concentrations of heavy enemy artillery pouring shells onto their beachhead and with strong German armored forces stabbing into their lines, U.S. and British troops under the command of Gen. Harold Alexander held their own in see-saw fighting below Rome.

George A. Parker, of Amherst, caught two beaver, one weighing 25 pounds, the other 42.

The Latchis Theatre in Milford was showing “Always a Bridesmaid” with the Andrews Sisters.

Corp. Ray E. Pomeroy, of Mont Vernon, was to leave Durham for Camp Belvoir, Va., to complete his officer’s training.

50 years ago, 1964

In nearly every Souhegan Valley town, write-in votes for Henry Cabot Lodge carried the Republican presidential primary as he defeated Sen. Barry Goldwater and Gov. Nelson Rockefeller, among others. In Amherst, for instance, Goldwater got 171 votes and Rockefeller 138 (both were on the ballot) while Lodge got 232. in Milford, it was Goldwater 312, Rockefeller 208 and Lodge 395. Locally, Goldwater carried only Lyndeborough and tied with Lodge, 141-141, in Wilton.

The Wilton Lumber Company on Main Street in Wilton, was holding a “crazy classified buys” sale.

The Latchis Theatre in Milford was showing “Amazons of Rome” with Louis Jourdan, and “The Magic Sword” with Basil Rathbone and Estelle Winwood.

First-cut boneless brisket corned beef was selling for 49 cents a pound at the Milford Super Save Market.

25 years ago, 1989

Milford teachers and the School Board agreed on a new contract that set starting pay for first-year teachers at $20,200 and $21,700 in the second year.

The American Stage Festival in Milford named its shows for the 1989 summer season – “West Side Story,” “Heaven Can Wait,” “The Foreigner,” “The Rainmaker,” and “Dracula.”

Linda Lipkin, of Amherst, was named vice president of the High Hopes Foundation of New Hampshire.

The Eddie Mottau Band was appearing at the White Horse Inn in Milford.

The annual Wilton-Lyndeborough Cooperative School District Meeting was postponed after its legality was challenged because Wilton’s town and school reports were not available.

Kris Collins, the former two-time all-state girls basketball player at Milford Area Senior High, led Mitchell Junior College of New London, Conn., to a 31-9 record and won National Junior College Athletic Association All-New England first team honors.