Bragdon and Pignatelli will be missed

It’s difficult to imagine Concord without Milford’s Peter Bragdon who announced last week that he would resign from the state Senate in June to concentrate on his job as executive director of the New Hampshire Health-Trust, which manages health care insurance plans for local and county governments.

That is not to say that this newspaper was often on the same side as Bragdon on important issues. Hardly that. But we liked and respected him and always found him willing to listen to an opposing point of view. He wouldn’t necessarily change his mind, but who among us does that often?

Bragdon was not a polarizing figure and that, in this day and age, is something greatly to be wished for. We find it much better to work with a reasonable person with whom we disagree than one who is unreasonable, even if we agree with him or her.

We have often regretted our allies while admiring our adversaries. Bragdon was often among the latter, and to say we admired him would not be an understatement.

The same is true, we’re happy to say, about Executive Councilor Debora Pignatelli, who announced also last week, that she will not seek another term. She is someone with whom we have often agreed and, happily, someone we also found to be willing to listen to the opposition, if not necessarily vote their way.

Although she is a Nashuan, we believe she effectively represented the interests of the Milford area and she, like Bragdon, will be missed.

Already we have some local candidates ready to jump into the fray. State Rep. Gary Daniels will seek the Republican nomination for Bragdon’s seat.

David Wheeler, of Milford, who once beat, and also lost to, Pignatelli, will seek the GOP nod for her post.

And you can bet they won’t be unopposed in the September primary, so the local political season will be interesting and just one more reason to be sure to vote in that primary.