But what are Republicans for?

In a Boston Globe story out of Concord last week, reporters Noah Bierman and Joshua Miller reported that former Massachusetts Sen. Scott Brown, now seeking the Republican nomination for U.S. senator from the Granite State, is “showing an openness to keeping some of the touted benefits” of the Affordable Care Act.

Brown, campaigning on what he called the “Obamacare Isn’t Working” tour, the Globe reporters wrote, seems to be OK with an expansion of health insurance for low-income residents using Medicaid money. Well, bully for him. At least he’s not totally opposed to giving the poor some access to health care.

Later in the story, though, the reporters write of Brown, “But he did not directly answer questions from a reporter about whether he supported or opposed the Medicaid expansion.” Instead, he just kept beating up on Obamacare.

Nor did Brown roll out his own plan, which apparently is too much to hope for when dealing with the GOP. We know what Brown and his Republican buddies oppose: Obamacare. But we don’t know what they’re for. Are they for any form of universal health care? Doesn’t seem like it.

And the Globe quotes Sen. Jeanne Shaheen as saying this about Brown: “He’s got no plan to replace (the Affordable Care Act) with.”

No kidding. No one does. They’re just against, against, against.

Here’s what we’d like to see from Brown, who by the way supported Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney’s Romneycare plan, which seems to be helping lots of Massachusetts folks:

What’s your plan for health care coverage for all? Or are you against universal health care? Why? You think emergency room care is good enough for the poor and working poor? Hey, former senator, do you think hospitals eat the cost of such care? Heck, no. They pass it on to us in the form of $8 aspirins.

Now all that said, right now, Brown would still be our pick for the Republican nomination for Senate because he at least seems willing to work with Democrats to break Washington gridlock. We’re not sure about his primary opponents.