Fair consequence for skipping class

Kudos to Brice Miller.

Miller, the Wilton-Lyndeborough High School athletic director, put the rules above winning at sports when he refused to allow three members of the boys tennis team to participate in a Division III quarterfinal match in the state championships because they had taken part in “Senior Skip Day” and skipped school.

Thus, WLC had to forfeit two singles matches and a doubles match because, without the three skippers, they only had four players, so the Warriors were down 0-3 before a ball was ever struck.

Our local team lost, 0-9, so maybe it wouldn’t have mattered.

But it mattered.

Oh, perhaps not in terms of tennis, in terms of sport, but it mattered in terms of doing the right thing. The three tennis players did the wrong thing, skipping even after they had been warned by Miller, four days before the match, of the consequences.

But Miller did the right thing in not letting them play and, more important, the right thing in doing what he said he would do. If only we would all do that.

It’s possible, we suppose, that Miller has taken some heat from supporters of the tennis program, from parents, from coaches.

Of course, it’s also possible that he has the unmitigated support of these folks, which we hope is the case.

Miller did the right thing. He is to be lauded and emulated.