Think, don’t litter our roads

A reader was recently hiking along the western stretch of Dale Street in Wilton and recalling how we’ve railed against roadside trash. Dale Street, he said, was fraught with garbage including, of course, the ubiquitous beer cans, most of them light beer thus, we assume, tossed out car windows either by people who don’t really like beer or people who think drinking light beer will help them to lose weight.

We’re always puzzled by litter because we can’t see any reason for it. How hard can it be to hold onto trash until you get home? How hard can it be to carry it from your car to an appropriate receptacle? Perhaps your living room floor. Why not? The road side, cosmically, is your living room floor. You live in this world, you live upon this planet, it is your responsibility, at least a little, don’t you think?

No? You don’t think? Oh, you don’t think it’s your responsibility. Ah. We extrapolated a bit, you think. You think we were just saying you don’t think. Because you litter. Actually, by saying you litter without thinking, we’re being kind.

If, after all, you gave it some thought and littered anyway, that would make you a moron, and we certainly don’t mean to imply that you are a moron. We’re just saying you ought to give it a bit of thought before you throw stuff out of your car window because if you did, we assume that you won’t throw it.

Because no thinking person would. Unless he, or of course she, is a moron.

So, don’t be.

Think instead and act like a thinking person. C’mon, you can do it.

Don’t you think?