Intersection fix a good move

If you know Wilton, you’re probably familiar with one, if not both, of the intersections that the town believes to be unsafe and that it is now targeting for a bit of restructuring in the hope of cutting down on potential danger.

Thanks to Police Chief Brent Hautanen, the issue was brought to the attention of the selectmen and they paid heed and are acting.

Those intersections, said to be in “Y” configurations, are at the intersection of Dale Street and Pead Hill Road, and Dale Street and Route 31. If you’ve driven those roads, you know that negotiating turns from Pead Hill left onto Dale and from Dale left onto Route 31 can be tricky and require a pretty supple neck.

The proposed method of fixing them – turning them into modified “T” intersections – won’t be absolutely perfect, but it will certainly be better.

We like it that the chief and the selectmen saw a problem and acted upon it. That’s what good local government is about.