No disputing it: You need a cat

Here’s an axiom by which to live:

You need a cat.

No, no, there’s no arguing with us about this. It’s an absolute.

You need a cat.

And here’s an easy, fun, and worthwhile way to get one:

Attend the annual Kitty Angels weekend at Treasures, Antiques, Collectibles and More on Ponemah Road in Amherst on Nov. 1 and 2 where Kitty Angels,a no-kill all-volunteer cat shelter will be onsite with several felines who need a forever home. Also on hand will be staff of the Amherst Animal Hospital to answer questions about pets.

There are far too many abandoned cats in our nation of plenty, but there are plenty of cat-less homes, probably more than enough to go around. Kitty Angels does great work, but needs help in the form of willing families.

That, of course, means anyone who is kitty-less.

So go. Check out the visiting kitties and think seriously about bringing one home.

Remember the axiom:

You need a cat.