Fraud accusation tarnishes image

Voter fraud, eh?

You know, there might be voter fraud somewhere in the nation, perhaps even in New Hampshire somewhere, but it’s pretty clear it’s not in Wilton, despite the accusations of a group called the Coalition of New Hampshire Taxpayers.

On the group’s website, (not, as reported in last week’s Cabinet; that brings you to something that … well, you need to be able to read Chinese), is this charge:

“Chairman Ed Naile and Co. catches Democrat Philly Lawyer Jared Cram voting twice in not one, but TWO NH elections. A lawsuit is planned.”

Well, good luck because Wilton Town Clerk Jane Farrell explained that the charge was, at best, a mistake.

First, Farrell explained to the town selectmen recently, it was Cram’s father who voted in 2008, not Jared Cram, as the Coalition contends on its website.

Then, said the group, Jared Cram voted in two state primaries — one in New Hampshire and one in Pennsylvania. That’s right. Except what Cram did was perfectly legal. Pennsylvania, you see, holds its primary in April and, as the Coalition of New Hampshire Taxpayers knows, New Hampshire holds its primary in September.

According to Farrell, our state allows for voting in different states if the elections are held on different dates. So, Jared Cram voted in April in Pennsylvania, then moved back to Wilton, where his parents live, to recuperate from a medical condition, and legally voted in our primary in September. As we all know, Pennsylvania and New Hampshire are not the same state, nor are April and September the same month.

Fraud? Only if New Hampshire’s voting law is designed to encourage fraud.

Charges of voter fraud are used to force the implementation of voter ID laws, the problem with which is that a lot of poor people — often black, often Democratic voters — don’t have ID thus they don’t get to vote. A plot to keep them from voting? Surely not.

But what should be the issue here, especially for Wilton officials, is the charge levied against them (they somehow allowed voter fraud), and the charge levied against a resident — that he committed voter fraud. According to what Farrell reported to the selectmen, the Coalition has blackened the name of an innocent voter and, in the process, has made Wilton look bad.

An apology would be nice.

By the way, even after Town Clerk Farrell clearly refuted the Coalition’s charge, it was still on the group’s website, at least as of Thursday, Nov. 6. Perhaps their web master is on vacation.