Thoughts after the election

Some post-election thoughts:

Was this Jennifer Horn’s 47 percent moment? Speaking before last week’s vote, the state Republican chairman said, “This is our time. We need to crush it. We need to grab it. We need to run with it, push their heads under the water over and over again until they cannot breathe anymore, until the elections are over Tuesday night.”

Presumably she was speaking figuratively … one hopes. But did this absurd comment contribute to the defeat of Scott Brown and Walt Havenstein?

Speaking of Scott Brown. So, what’s next for a guy who lost Senate races in Massachusetts and then New Hampshire? Perhaps he could pitch a tent in Maine, spend time with his family camping there, and run for Senate again. Or perhaps it’s back to Fox News. Oh, joy to the world.

Funniest post-election comment. This comes from Sen. Mitch McConnell of Kentucky who, after winning re-election said: “Just because we have a two-party system doesn’t mean we have to be in perpetual conflict.” What? So, he had no hand in the gridlock of the past six years? Of course he didn’t. He’s bipartisan all the way. He’d work with anyone to make America better. OK, maybe not anyone …

From an editorial in the New York Daily News: “Like the dog that chased the car and finally bit a tire, the Republican Party must reckon with saying yes to lifting the country’s fortunes, rather than simply crying no to all things Obama.” Yes, but yes to what? Killing health care for poor people? Killing abortion rights?

Speaking of health care. When will we see the Republican plan to ensure that all Americans are insured? You know, just as members of Congress are insured.

Disrespectful, Sen. Shaheen. We didn’t hear this debate in its entirety but we did listen for a while as Sen. Jeanne Shaheen debated her Republican opponent, Scott Brown, long enough to realize that she seemed to refuse to use his name. It was always “my opponent.” Brown, on the other hand, graciously referred to her as Sen. Shaheen.